May 18, 2021
Vitani Energy Systems A/S
April 27, 2021

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Qtechnology design and manufacture embedded AI cameras for industrial machine vision systems.

With mechanics, electrical, software, and science resources in-house, we can develop complete application-specific machine vision systems - including feasibility analysis, prototyping, and implementation.

In some projects, we supply customised cameras for OEM machinery while carrying full machine vision projects from idea to system implementation in other projects.

With experience from several industries and thousands of cameras installed worldwide, we understand the requirements for quality and reliability to keep factories running 24/7/365. All our vision solutions are based on our industry-proven modular and customisable camera platform with a compact embedded Linux PC.

These cameras have been applied in various application fields, including factory automatisation, quality inspection, product grading, and more - within the food, manufacturing, scientific, and other industries.