The use of data for tourism

Dashboards based on collected data for tourist destinations
November 4, 2021
Flexible and secure connectivity and data management on a global scale
October 28, 2021

In the research and innovation project 'Destination Digital' at one of Scandinavia's largest tourist destinations, Rømø, NTT DATA Business Solutions (NDBS) created unique knowledge about the use of data for tourism.

This has happened in collaboration with Danish Coastal and Nature Tourism, Visit Denmark, CBS and AU. The main purpose of the project was to provide insight into potential ways to increase productivity, ensure sustainable development of the destination and improve service and the quality of the tourists' experience

This project was possible because 60+ data sources and IoT, AI and digital humans were used to understand tourists' behavior and how it was correlated with other data sources. NDBS actively participated in the entire project, where the data platform, Titan, has collected and transformed the data so that it could be used to and understood to create a value. Thus, for example, the platform could provide the local entrepreneurs (participating in the project) a precise forecast of, for example, the sale of ice cream at the local ice cream stand daily.