Royal Unibrew achieves a 14% increase in production performance using Factbird

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Performance Impacts

Update and maintenance tasks in relation to precise data feedback. Despite people assuming the usage of IoT in smart manufacturing is only for the automotive, electronic, or medical industries, the truth is monitoring and maintaining assets remains critical for any company these days. With eyes set on preserving its competitive edge, Royal Unibrew appliedFactbird technology to optimize its production processes.

14% product line output increase after a few weeks

With the reports provided by Factbird, both operators, and mechanics from Royal Unibrew started to test different adjustments to measure the effects in live time. After a few weeks, the problems found in the production line were eliminated, impacting the line output with a 14% increase.

What Royal Unibrew is Using Factbird for:

- Ensuring standardized production line data collection across the factory where the Factbirds are installed.

- Having an overview of line speed and a stop cause monitoring due to real-time sensor data.

-Testing adjustments to production lines with the ability to measure effects in real-time.