LS Control
December 7, 2020
December 7, 2020

SCADA MINDS offers its customers development and implementation of SCADA systems for centralized monitoring and control of, for example, wind turbines to make scalable solutions available through modern technology in energy sector.
Nabto’s technology helps SCADA MINDS systems support operational aspects of their customers within the wind industry. By implementing the Nabto IoT technology, SCADA MINDS found a way of modernizing SCADA solutions. It was essential with high security, low implementation costs, and a short time-to-market solution, which were all demands the Nabto solution could meet.

The Nabto software made it possible for the users of SCADA MINDS to gain secure and stable remote access to the wind turbine systems. This enabled the operators to configure and control errors directly on a browser on a smartphone instead of physically going to the wind turbine, which previously has been the solution.