SDU UAS Center

AAU Connectivity Section
May 21, 2019
SDU Health Informatics and Technology
May 1, 2019

The main research directions are:

• Autonomous BVLOS flying (Beyond Visual Line of Sight): The development of drones that autonomously navigate the environment in a safe and reliable manner, sensing and avoiding any obstacles in their path.
• Large-scale perception: The development of techniques for automatically extracting specific and detailed information from UAV-mounted camera systems.
• System modeling: The development of formal models of single UAVs, improving control and power management, as well as models of multiple UAVs, enabling coordination and traffic management.
• Energy-efficient systems: The development of energy-efficient algorithms and components that extend the flight time and operating distance of UAV.

Another case is remote monitoring of water towers in rural villages in Sierra Leone using Internet of Things technology.