Setting new standards

AbenaNova – The intelligent incontinence diaper
September 16, 2020
Predictive Maintenance
September 16, 2020

Netlight supported a renowned German home appliance manufacturer with the development of a new IoT platform.
The client wanted to develop an open IoT platform aiming to simplify the development of IoT software and set new standards for their sector. The platform enables e.g. smart buildings, smart devices and smart lighting. The platform provides mechanisms that make the applications easily scalable and robust. Its micro services can be combined flexibly to best fit the needs of individual use cases. Its open source software gateway framework allows one to customize device connectivity based on ones needs.

Our engagement
Netlight was driving the project from first Proof of concept to final platform. Netlight managed development teams and was responsible for the entire development project including provisioning, sensor lake, data lake etc. The platform is a B2B platform with APIs for creating and onboarding devices, users and applications.