Showering smartly: University of Surrey

IoT i Rudersdal
February 16, 2021
Cranfield University
January 14, 2021

The Surrey University “Showering smartly” field experiment was initiated to determine how the use of Aguardio water-saving technology can foster pro-environmental shower behaviour among tourism accommodation guests.
Hospitality and tourism leaders joined the experiment; among them TUI, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Scandic, Hostelling International and Pebblebrook.

Savings of up to 19% on water and energy were recorded. When combined with a written nudge, savings increased to 28%. Tourism accommodation guests perceived Aguardio as a positive innovation, nudging them to behave more pro-environmentally. Tourism accommodations were eager to have Aguardio installed as a result of these positive test results and considering that the Aguardio unit pays itself back in just 15 months with annual savings of €60-€90 per room.

Professor Xavier Font of Surrey University states: “Aguardio helps businesses reduce their water/energy footprint and carbon emissions associated, while addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Based on the success of the project, as part of a Norwegian research scheme, we are now planning to install 1,000 Aguardio in Nordic hotels and 1,500 in households to study how a new behaviour learned during a hotel stay can be continued once at home, contributing hugely to the decarbonization trajectory.”