Digital Twins help Skagerak Energy achieve higher efficiency

Technical foundation for Nemlia’s solutions for the care sector
November 24, 2022
IoT device for monitoring of buoys
November 10, 2022

EDRMedeso have be responsible for developing the several solutions, so that Skagerak can increase production without build expanding the existing Hydropower Plant

These solutions are:
- System model that is taking available input data and delivering data required by the damage modules.
- Bearing damage calculations according to ISO 281, including the statistical framework.
- Damage calculations of the Pelton runner. A generic life model coupled with the statistical framework.
- Damage calculations of the spiral casing. Mechanical fatigue model developed in ANSYS, reduced order model connected to the statistical framework.
- Damage calculation of additional components, such as shaft and nozzle, in the statistical framework.
- A developed and implemented physics-based model of the water ways.
- Integration into the existing systems of Skagerak Kraft

EDRMedeso have also been responsible for delivering the following services:
- Validation of the Physics Based Digital Twin of Grunnåi power plant
- Project Management, administration, and evaluation