Smart dispenser

Energy monitoring
May 25, 2021
May 18, 2021

Delivered smart dispensers for a leading beverage manufacturer ensuring 99.9% device uptime to enhance customer experience
For a leading beverage manufacturer, maintenance schedules were lined-up on fixed periodic intervals and did not factor in real-time usage or ad hoc requests regarding machine downtime. This led to:

• Sub-Optimal User Experience
• Revenue Loss
• Reduced productivity

Real-time visibility into usage, proactive inventory management, and predictive device maintenance with an end-to-end IoT-based solution.

• Flavored drink dispenser module development (Hardware, Software, IoT, Motor Control Firmware)
• The platform consisted of 10.1” graphical touch screen LCD connected with custom hardware board.
• The Operating system used is “Android M” and the GUI is developed using Java.
• The platform consisted of peripherals like USB, I2C, SPI, EEPROM, RTC, Ethernet, HDMI, UART
• Software features includes:
- Connectivity with Microsoft Azure
- Flavor replacement features
- Application upgrades over the air
- Tracking and monitoring the system
- Access control (admin, manager and user) and diagnostic mode.
• Modular approach to accommodate other features in future

With IoT-enabled beverage dispensers, the client was able to achieve:

• 100% real-time visibility
• 99.9% device uptime
• 30% reduction in operational cost with reduced field trips and optimized inventory