Smart floor systems for health care and nursing homes

December 7, 2020
Passive moisture sensor build into wall, floors and roofs
September 16, 2020

MariCare Oy was the first to develop and implement smart floor systems for the health care and nursing homes.
With more than 4000 installation references, they are the leading provider of sensor technology used for detecting fall, motion, and position on floors.

The Elsi® Smart Floor is primarily an invisible nurse. A helping tool for fall-prevention and fall-detection. The system provides tools for tracking activity with high privacy requirements and abnormal behavior patterns around the clock.

Alarms will be activated in case of accidents as the sensors are connected to the caregivers smartphones. A technology and pioneering project from the early IoT age.

Mekoprint took part in the development process ensuring a globally competitive cost level with design for manufacturing.

The solution is composed of a series of complementing processes. The sensor consists of a thin copper plated foil that is first screen printed and second etched. This combination is especially suitable due to the high conductivity of the copper.

At Mekoprint the sensors are manufactured in a highly automated roll-to-roll production setup with a minimum of manual handling. The printed and etched sensors are delivered on rolls to continue the automation at MariCares production site.