IoT solution for office buildings

The solution for accurate and accessible air quality data
January 25, 2022
Dashboards based on collected data for tourist destinations
November 4, 2021

By analyzing data and implementing sensors, NTT DATA Business Solutions (NDBS) hopes to increase workplace well-being and create a healthier work environment

Collecting data enables companies to learn more about the use of their offices, indoor climate and working environment. As a result, future behavior in all types of workplaces can be changed. The obtained data from the installed sensors is sent directly to the cloud. NDBS's data platform analyzes the data from here, after which it is visualized on a clear and user-defined dashboard. The platform has been developed based on the principles of full flexibility and scalability. The platform gives a real picture of everyday life in the office, no matter what you measure: temperature, humidity, CO2 level, and noise. A workplace can adapt future behavior by changing the way different zones of the office are used based on movement and sound