Digital twins
July 8, 2019
July 1, 2019

SUMA Care develops and implements technological welfare solutions.
EKTOS has helped SUMA care improving their design of a sensor solution for adult diapers by performing pre-compliance testing up against three directives; one regarding medical equipment, one regarding low voltage, and one regarding radio equipment.

The product consists of a strip with a humidity sensor. The strip is attached to the diaper and a small box containing a data logger and a radio transmitter is attached on the front. When the sensor detects humidity it sends an alert that the diaper is ready for changing.

Because the product is non-invasive it needs only comply with the lowest level for medical equipment. The Radio Equipment Directive comes into play because of the built-in radio transmitter, while the Low Voltage Directive is relevant due to the system’s 5-volt charger. In regards to static electricity, the standard demands that the system can withstand 15.000 kV, a current that can occur when connecting or disconnecting the box to the charger.

Besides testing in relation to the three directives EKTOS has helped with guided free fall testing. The product has been tested by dropping it from different heights and angles onto a number of different surfaces. This test documents the robustness and reliability of the product.