Smart sensor system for a frictionless working environment

Adserballe & Knudsen
July 7, 2021
Smart sensor system to control Covid regulations
May 26, 2021

SuperCell, one of Finlands most successful gaming companies, have recently built and moved in to their new headquarters, Woodcity.
The eight stories tall building is constructed entirely from wood, including the supporting structures. Furthermore the project’s LEED-certification places great demands on sustainability.

Shifting to agile, activity-based working with a huge focus on the building's adaptability and conversion into ad-hoc breakout spaces, collaboration areas and workstations, SuperCell want to collect accurate data on building usage and area attractiveness and utilisation. UbiqiSense smart sensor system will provide highly granular historical occupancy and utilisation data, in order for SuperCell management to understand employee behaviours and needs and adapt the building iteratively as the understanding deepens.

Secondly, UbiqiSense worked together with another SuperCell contractor, to connect real-time utilisation data to a wayfinding and booking application, which will indicate to employees and visitors where they might find an available workstation, toilet or meeting room, as well as waiting lines and peak times in the cafés and restaurant areas.

The desired outcome from SuperCell is to create a frictionless working environment that places the wellbeing of employees in the center.