Swedish Match: How automation and digitalization initiatives can help mitigate waste and improve efficiency by 18%

December 1, 2023
Royal Unibrew achieves a 14% increase in production performance using Factbird
September 26, 2023

Performance impact

18% boost in OEE and digitalized quality process

One of the biggest obstacles to any Smart Factory transformation is the culture shock that comes with the reengineering of familiar processes.

Swedish Match overcame that by adopting a holistic approach to their transformation, both by making sure employees at every level understood their duties and were engaging with the system, and by assuring that the data insights gained though those initiatives were used to support all administrative decisions.

By focusing on incremental changes, supported by data and monitored over time, they were able to improve their OEE from 60% to 78%, reaching their goals far quicker than originally anticipated, and exceeding their initial target.

Factbird helped Swedish Match improve by:

Automating and replacing their error-prone, manual data collection processes
Giving them real-time visibility and understanding of their manufacturing lines
Aggregating historical data, allowing supervisors to respond to quality issues faster
Digitalizing quality control processes and improving the overall quality of their end-product
Reducing resource utilization by increasing traceability
An overall 18% increase in OEE