The Smart Heat Exchanger​

Environmental Protection
February 6, 2024
The CM (condition monitor)
December 1, 2023

Alfa Laval Smart Heat Exchanger is an online connected service, proactive monitoring for Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers of all brands.

By simply attaching sensors on the equipment, and our dedicated analytics, we enable our customers to oversee current and future status through an online panel.​

Enabling smart decisions:
- Conditioning Monitoring: provide insight on the thermal condition of the plates and mechanical condition of the gaskets.​
- Predictive Maintenance: give indication of when should clean the plates and change the gaskets per our expertise. ​
- Performance optimizer: guide on how operate, service and redesign to reach the best performance, and reduce operational costs and CO2 emission.​
- Remote support: instant data allows our experts to stay close to you anytime, to avoid breakdowns and maximize your asset health.