The Tricloud IoT platform for collecting Telemetry data from tests via IoT Edge technology

IoT Edge platform for a project programme
March 13, 2023
Improvement of IoT platform for Renewable Energy Systems
March 13, 2023

Vestas Test & Verification organizational unit continuously tests physical structures, machinery and electronics to verify models and validate products.


Tests can be performed on scales from the very small (composite 10mm coupons) to the very large (200m+ wind turbines), over time periods ranging from seconds to years. Some components require only one test, others need 100s of individual tests.

The Tricloud IoT platform is used in Vestas to collect Telemetry data (Signal data) from tests via IoT Edge technology. The signal data is transferred to cloud for processing and ingestion to Timeseries storage in Azure. Test Engineers uses Tricloud frontend to setup tests and register metadata about the test. The Test engineers uses Azure Data Explorer to analyze the results of the tests using queries and dashboards.
The Tricloud IoT platform has significantly reduced manual labor for the Test Engineers, since data is automatically streamed from the Data Acquisition software running in a private network at the test facility to the cloud and at the same time provided much better means of analyzing the test results.