Sustainable, user friendly and fully digitized office building

A single web application for controlling thermostats
March 16, 2022
IoT solution for commercial buildings
March 16, 2022

Trifork's "Smart Building" is a platform for innovative construction and building operations, where both sustainability and digitization permeate material selection, construction technique and operation

With a digital and IoT-based infrastructure, the Trifork Smart Building frames a whole range of different green technologies, techniques and materials to meet an ambitious goal of reducing CO2 footprints and climate impacts - both during construction and operation of the building.

The learning building: data-driven, distributed optimization

Trifork's Smart Building is equipped with a digital system that retrieves real-time sensor data across systems and functions. Data is used to optimize the building's energy consumption, simultaneously with the best possible indoor climate. The building's systems can run locally and autonomously - but can also be controlled centrally. With the use of new software technologies, Trifork builds learning buildings, where the performance of different systems is compared with data on indoor climate, weather in order to constantly optimize the building's operation.

A sustainable, digital and flexible workplace

Trifork Smart Building is designed with the flexible workplace of the future in mind; there is the opportunity to optimize one's own workplace in terms of climate and comfort, there are seamless digital access systems, flexible workplace and meeting room booking and a virtual reception system to ensure that guests feel welcome and can easily find their way around in the building. The building also gives users a behavior-regulating insight into e.g. energy and water consumption and can use this knowledge to change behaviour, reduce resource consumption and reduce waste.