July 7, 2021
Micro Technic A/S
May 26, 2021

UbiqiSense helps businesses manage building capacity on a smarter, more profitable level.

Our sensor solution provides commercial environments with the answers needed to optimise space and increase comfortability and productivity amongst employees and tenants.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. With our Danish-designed people counting sensor, we track behaviour and utilisation, and offer integrated solutions for smart building technology, retail, meeting rooms and offices, in order to help your employees and your business thrive. With UbiqiSense you can recognise recurring issues or identify ways to increase the overall productivity of your business and engagement of your team.

Redundant m2 are costly. Assessing misaligned or underutilised areas through data on how people use space, enables you to make the most of your available areas. Analysing occupancy data, you will discover opportunities to maximise space efficiency. Modifications could include resizing or rearranging meeting rooms, increase collaboration spaces or eliminating that never-used lounge area.

Further optimise working conditions by controlling lighting and air quality to achieve a more comfortable and productive working environment for your teams.

And with the great return to the office post-Covid, UbiqiSense also monitors safe distance and occupancy, with immediate notifications if breached, ensuring a safe and controlled re-opening.