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September 20, 2021
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August 27, 2021

Vestas Turns to Digitization in Manufacturing for a Sustainable Future.
Leveraging PTC's Operator Advisor all manufacturing instructions are now available via easy to digest visual directions powered by PTC's ThingWorx Industrial IOT Platform and Vuforia Studio state of the art Augmented Reality platform, reducing dependency on paper-based manuals. With PTC's solution Vestas improves first time build rate and better-quality outcomes for products that include thousands of components needing precise assembly.

During their search for Industry 4.0 technology, it became clear that the company needed to take a digital-first approach to their manufacturing and reduce their reliance on paper-based instructions. To do so, Vestas is adopting an entirely digital turbine production process - everything from CAD design to manufacturing. The company turned to PTC's ThingWorx Operator Advisor, which equips machine operators with the relevant information they need to identify and complete tasks - including role-specific digital work order information and instructions with rich CAD drawings and videos - all in a single interface.