Wrapping machines

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February 16, 2021
February 16, 2021

In this case, Noux Node worked for a client who makes pallet wrapping machines. They have an extensive service business and a large machine installed base around the world.
The customer wanted to have new and old machines connected seamlessly in an IoT solution and they wanted to expand their service business further. Noux Node made a solution with the customer that fitted their specifications. Old hardware and old communication protocols were made compatible with new modern cloud software, so from the cloud perspective you cannot identify if the machines are old or new. Also, already collected data was imported and made to use.

New service concepts were made from the intelligence of the data gathered and support the company top and bottom line. The company makes via the cloud extensive reporting to the end customer in terms of material use, efficiency, faults and more.

All in all, a digital layer and revenue stream support this company in a highly competitive market.