Keep up-to-date and join a community with focus on the development of wireless technologies and Internet of Things.

The IoT & Wireless Club consists of more than 50 paying member companies in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Members meet up for professional presentations and debates where we exchange experience and knowledge within wireless technologies. 8 annual meetings are organised. Each with their own individual subject.

IoT development is becoming cross domain. This requires an understanding of hardware and software design, scalable manufacturing, regulatory approvals, security and privacy, system architecture and business models to design a complete IoT system.

Therefore it is essential to get in contact with other people in Denmark that complement your skills. In fancy words: Ecosystem development.

A professional network of competencies

Members of the IoT & Wireless Club have access to a robust network that can assist you with professional challenges, such as:

It elaborates on the topics:

- Approval management

- Radio design

- Aspects of system design

- Components and modules

- IoT system architecture

- Energy harvesting

- Scalability and big data

- Security and privacy

Do-it-yourself test at a reduced price

Are the investments in large measurement facilities too expensive? Feel free to use ours.

With a combined value of more than 7 million danish kroner measurement facilities would be a very large investment for most companies. But with a little practice, you can use them yourself to evaluate the antenna and wireless performance of your product.

Members can benefit from a range of services. One of them is access to the do-it-yourself test facilities at DELTA in Hørsholm and Aarhus at a reduced price. This means that members can conduct IoT & Wireless pre-tests in the development phase.

IoT is a new technological area and therefore it is important to ensure correct implementation.

Consequently, test is an essential part of the development process that companies cannot afford to perform themselves.

Currently the tests available are:

- Antenna pattern measurement

- Antenna matching facilities

- ESD testing

8 annual meetings at FORCE Technology’s locations in Hørsholm and Aarhus

IoT & Wireless do-it-yourself test at a reduced price

Updates on regulatory and standards

Discount on selected courses and events


Yearly subscription is DKK 7000 excl. VAT. Membership is company assigned and allows for two participants from your company at each meeting. The IoT & Wireless Club meetings always include catering.

Anders P. Mynster

Senior Specialist
FORCE Technology

Alexandre Alapetite

Senior Software/ICT Engineer
Alexandra Institute



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