Is your IoT product ready to meet the real world?

Your IoT product consists of many different layers, in the two domains of technology and human interaction. It is important that your product supports both. Thus, we consider these two domains as inseparable when you develop products.

We often talk about IoT products – however, it is important to consider that you are in fact building a system. Beneath this complex technology also lies human and organisational life practices that your product must support once it meets the real world. Thus, we use functional mockups and prototypes as an exploratory design tool which we take out into the real world and study what happens when people are using them.

We help you set up a centrally developed and controlled prototype of your IoT system which we take out to your domain of interest.

Our hardware and software engineer partners work closely together in the development and deployment of the test set-up.
Our technology-specialised anthropologists will observe and analyse the human interaction and results of the test for further design.

Uncover your challenges early at a low cost
With this unique merge of competencies we are able to mature the hardware and software stack of your product in parallel. Thus, the chances of uncovering challenges, bugs and flaws very early and then rapidly change them are very strong.

Functional prototype and mockup of your IoT system (software and hardware)

Deployment and test in real world setting

Design research through field study and observation

Further agile iteration of your IoT prototype after execution of contextual enquiries

Recommendations towards feasible software building blocks for your specific case

Analysis of probable contextualized machine-learning possibilities


Anders Struwe Mynster

Senior Specialist
FORCE Technology

Alexandre Alapetite

Senior Software/ICT Engineer
Alexandra Institute



NorthQ has developed a product called Power Reader – a device which can be used in new installations or retrofitted to existing electricity meters to make end-users able to monitor the power consumption of the household.

We helped NorthQ in evaluating the feasibility of further developing the product to be selfpowered by running the device from a range of different energy harvesting technologies (solar, magnetic, thermal) instead of batteries.

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Ry City Association

Data turns into new customer experiences. In a cooperation project with Ry City Association we have studied how to use data to revive retail and innovate the urban space.

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Drones on new missions

We will make it easier to plan and control drone emissions. Soon you do not have to send anybody up on a wind turbine blade to carry out checks on the wing.

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Crowd-monitoring at Northside Festival

Godik Teknik would like to expand their service offering to Northside and other festivals with data insights into how and when the festival crowd moves around the festival area, moving between scenes, bars, toilets etc. to be able to optimise the layout and operation of the festival.

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