Do you use IoT for insurance and financial services? Then this user group is for you.

This user group focuses on the use of IoT within insurance and finance. Here, the use of IoT can take many forms. In the insurance field, IoT can be used for monitoring and error reporting on equipment and buildings, whereby the extent of a damage, costs and inconvenience can be reduced. It can also be used to create better relations and collaboration between insurance companies and policyholders and to provide better insurance, etc. In the financial field, IoT can be used for smart payment solutions, to resist and uncover fraud, to promote customer understanding, etc.

This user group is partnered with Copenhagen Fintech – the national cluster for Finance and Fintech that is established and supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

The work of the user group allows for the competitive situation between the sector's businesses in the form of a series of well-defined guidelines for the group's work. Therefore, we also work with an adapted list of themes and topics:


This user group focuses on the following topics:

  • Development of IoT solutions
  • Use of the ecosystem and vendors
  • Operation of IoT solutions
  • Claim prevention and behavioural motivation with IoT
  • Use of IoT in agriculture
  • Use of IoT in transport and logistics
  • Use of IoT within energy distribution
  • IoT applied in health and welfare
  • IoT regarding safety and security in the home
  • Legislation and ethics of IoT application
  • GDPR and IoT
  • AI and Machine Learning for IoT
  • Valuation of data
  • Insurance of IoT-based assets
  • Insurance law and IoT
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks and other financial businesses
  • Large policyholders – property managers, large organisations with many physical assets
  • Interest groups such as Insurance & Pension Denmark, Finance Denmark, Finansforbundet, etc.
  • Public authorities such as the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Danish Business Authority, etc.
  • Relevant Fintech businesses

Copenhagen Fintech and Nordic IoT Centre have agreed that the first three user group meetings will be a pilot phase, where the members' participation is financed by Copenhagen Fintech. The intention is to continue the user group beyond the pilot phase. Therefore, Copenhagen Fintech and Nordic IoT Centre will agree on the continued financing of the user group.