If you have recognized the capability of IoT in managing the environment, climate, or nature, then this IoT user group is ideal for you!

The group is free to join and is run in collaboration with  CLEAN cluster.

In this user group, the focus is on using IoT to monitor and manage nature and the environment. IoT can be used to manage rainwater, control water quality or need-based watering of bushes and trees, etc. Among other things we focus on how IoT can become a sustainable business case for climate management.

There will be approx. 6 meetings spread over the 2023. The meetings will be online and/or physical.

By joining the user group you get:

  • access to a professional IoT forum where you can share experiences and connect with people and organizations facing similar challenges.
  • have the opportunity to learn from the top experts in the field, who will provide you with insights and ideas on how to enhance your company or organization.
  • access to new publications about IoT in an exclusive online library.
Potential members
  • Companies working with environmental technology, both suppliers and consulting engineering companies
  • Municipality administration working with environmental management, climate adaptation (LAR) or heating of the city, sewage plants
  • Agricultural organisations who are interested in circular production
  • Companies with large land areas

IoT as part of the business strategy

IoT and business models

Business cases and technical cases

Development and operation of IoT solutions

Data use and application

Ecosystem and solutions from the market

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Membership is  free of charge

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