Reduce risk in your IoT development

Developing and launching IoT based products and services is a complex task. To ensure that your idea and concept have the highest probability of success, we offer a streamlined ‘getting started’ service.

It requires a multidisciplinary approach involving a number of technical and business related competencies. And in the Nordic IoT Centre we have the experts.

Getting started
We provide a 360 degree assessment of your idea.

Making sure you are aware of the primary challenges in developing your IoT system and service.

We do this by using our experts and external network across the many areas that are involved in IoT development.

Step 1 - Workshop

At the initial workshop we go deeper into your specific idea. We need to determine where you need to be aware of technical and business related challenges.

Step 2 - 1:1 meetings with experts

Based on our findings in Step 1 we facilitate meetings with experts in the relevant fields to clarify any relevant challenges. This could be experts in wireless communication, artificial intelligence, platform architecture, cyber security, etc.

Step 3 - Assessment report of your IoT concept

The report contains an overview of your idea, assessments of the level of challenge you will encounter, as well as recommendations on how to approach the challenges in a number of topics such as:

- Use case and concept development

- Cybersecurity and privacy

- Platforms and architecture

- Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and analytics

- Communication protocols (device from cloud to user)

- Wireless communication

- Standards (CE, IEEE, DS, Aioti)

- Test compliance and approval

- Business development

- The report also includes a list of possible suppliers of service to help you overcome these challenges


DKK 50.000 excl. VAT.

Morten Wagner

Head of Department, IdemoLab
FORCE Technology
Alexandre Alapetite

Senior Software/ICT Engineer
Alexandra Institute



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