Dashboards based on collected data for tourist destinations

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November 4, 2021
The use of data for tourism
November 4, 2021

As part of  the national pilot project for Danish tourism, NTT DATA Business Solutions (NDBS) is collaborating with three tourist destinations along the West Coast: the Northwest Coast, the West Sea, and the Wadden Sea

The purpose of the project is to learn more about tourists' behavior and consumption. A total of five use cases were developed for the project based o n the needs of the destination countries involved in the collaboration. The project must create great value for the business operators and the locals to give tourists the best experience on their visit. One of the designed use cases is about the insight into the number of overnight guests at each of 3 destinations. In this particular case, NDBS is asked to develop Dashboards with past and future bookings, where the tourists come from, the use of resources (e.g. heat and water) and a seasonal index. In order to be able to provide a solid result, data sources are used from vocation rentals, hotels, resorts and utility companies. These data sources are connected to the data platform, Titan, after which tourist destinations can get an overview in a clear dashboard.